Colonialism and Memory in Bristol

Mnemoscapes of the South West SWWDTP Memory Studies Research Cluster

Rosemary Caldicott and Mark Steeds will be speaking at the Colonialism and Memory in Bristol. Join us for a public workshop on colonialism and memory in Bristol. Moving between the museum, the city, and space for discussion and reflection, we’ll be asking what decolonisation means, what it might look like in practice, as well as the challenges facing these efforts. Join us at the M Shed in Bristol on 1st July, The workshop is free and refreshments and lunch will be provided, but space is limited […]

Callout for feedback on our 4th Bristol Radical History Festival

How time flies in the midst of the multiple global crisis of capitalism! A week ago our 4th Bristol Radical History Festival was just beginning, and we at BRHG were pretty pleased with how it all went, especially as we put it on at fairly short notice after the event was postponed due to covid in 2020 and 2021. A big thank you to all the excellent speakers, to the radical history walk guides, the stallholders who came from near and far, the singing of Red Notes socialist choir, and the films we […]

A history walk with puppets: Steps Against War  

Discovering untold stories of Bedminster people in the First World War

Otherstory puppetry will be leading a history walk using the medium of puppetry to tell the untold stories of Bedminster people who resisted the First World War, and who refused to kill. Otherstory have devised and organised the walk with local people and in collaboration with Remembering the Real World War 1. The walk will start from the foyer of M Shed, cross the river, wind its way through Southville, along North Street and part of East Street, ending up at the Steam Crane pub. At points […]

Radical History Walk Map

The audio files from the walk are (all mp3 files, right click to save): 1. Introduction (3.20mins, 2.4MB) 2. James Nayler, Religious Radical Part 1 (7:20mins, 5.5MB) 3. James Nayler, Religious Radical Part 2 (5:53mins, 3.4MB) 4. Dorothy Hazard, Religious Radical (4:27mins, 3.1MB) 5. Castle Park (9:45mins, 6.9MB) 6. St. Wulfstan & The Bristol Bridge Riot (11.23mins, 8.0MB) 7. The Seven Stars Pub & Thomas Clarkson (6:12mins, 4.4MB) 8. Thomas Canning's House (1:41mins, 1.2MB) 9. Hole In The […]

The Atmosphere of Heaven

Miscellaneous 2010
A Nitrous Oxide fuelled history walk with Mike Jay through Clifton exploring the themes of his new book; Dr Beddoes, the Romantic Poets and laughing Gas. The blurb from his book, which is out in paperback on 28th September, reads thus: At the Pneumatic Institution in Bristol, England, founded in the closing years of the eighteenth century, dramatic experiments with gases precipitated a revolution not only in scientific medicine but also in the modern mind. Propelled by the energy of maverick […]

Bristol Radical History Walk

About 1.4 miles of easy walking that will take in the scenes of radical activism in Bristol and answer questions like… Why did a man on a donkey in Corn Street and a Cambridge student who stayed at the Seven Stars Pub have such an impact on the world? Why did a mob burn down Queen Square in 1831? Who ate all the pies in 1832? What caused the Bristol Bridge Riot?. Which brave man (or possibly a woman?) organised Bristol's defences against the Royalists? Join us for a little light exercise and […]

Radical History Walk

Part of the Trapese Popular Education Collective's 'Start Producing the Future'. The walk will take in the scenes of some radical activism, both ancient and modern, and compare this with the actions of the 'mob'. Why did a man on a donkey in Corn Street and a Cambridge geek befriending the landlord of the Seven Stars had such an impact on the World. Why did a mob burn down Queen's Square in 1831? Who ate all the pies in 1832? What caused the Bristol Bridge Riot. Which brave man (or could it […]

Off His ‘Ed: Regicide At Pucklechurch

But William, libro ij° de Regibus, seyth (says) that this kyng kepyng a feste at Pulkirchirche, in the feste of seynte Austyn, and seyng a thefe, Leof by name, sytte [th]er amonge hys gestes, whom he hade made blynde afore for his trespasses -- (quem rex prios propter scelera eliminaverat, whom the King previously due to his crimes did excile) -- , arysede (arrested) from the table, and takenge that man by the heire of the hedde, caste him unto the grownde. Whiche kynge was sleyn -- (sed […]

The New Model Army’s Relief of Bristol

History Walk from St Werburghs City Farm to the centre of Bristol focusing on The New Model Army's relief of Bristol in 1645 Meet at 12noon at the St. Werburghs City Farm Cafe for breakfast (to cure hangovers from the Sea Shanty night at the Cube). Leaving at 1.00pm, Jim McNeill, local historian, storyteller and member of Living Easton, retraced the steps of the New Model Army's relief of Bristol in 1645. We found out why Cromwell Hill is so named, why the Royalist Prince Rupert cared more about […]

Swing Walk By John Owen Smith

The Anniversary Rioters' Walk­ Exactly 180 years after the rioters did it a guided walk from Selborne to Headley and back again ­ distance approximately 7 miles out and 7 miles back. Tuesday 23rd November 2010 starting at 10am We plan to walk from Selborne to Headley, from the car park behind the Selborne Arms and finishing at the Holly Bush in Headley. Distance approx 7 miles, some of them muddy. Should arrive in time for a pub lunch. Please contact me […]

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