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  • We use software to collect website usage data; this includes IP addresses.
  • We use cookies for website analysis, comments and the shopping cart.
  • If you give it to us, we will never pass your email address on to anyone else.

What personal data do we collect?

Website stats and security

We collect IP addresses so that:

  1. we can protect ourselves from hackers;
  2. we can see how many people visit our site and what they are looking at while they are here; this helps us to improve our content and layout.

If you are using a VPN we will not be able to see your IP address, we will see the IP address of your VPN. If you don’t know what a VPN is, you are probably not using one.

It is quite normal for websites to use your IP address to analyse how the website is used. However, unlike many other websites we do not use Google Analytics. Our data is collected and processed into nice graphs by a program called Piwik, which is installed on our host’s server.

When you visit the website your IP address is anonymous, in that it is not linked to any other information about you. The only information your IP address potentially reveals is your internet provider and your general location on a city scale (assuming that you are not using a VPN). Normally only your internet provider can link an IP address to your name and physical address.

We also collect data that your computer sends to our hosting server as a matter of course when requesting a web page. This includes your operating system (e.g. Windows, iOS, Android etc.), the browser you are using and the search engine you used to find us. These data are used to improve our website design.

See Cookies below for more information about tracking.

Email addresses

You can choose to join our email list. This is used to send out infrequent information about events.

We promise that we will never pass on your email address to any other person or organisation, nor will we use it for commercial gain.

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email sent to the list. If you want to leave the list and are having trouble unsubscribing please email brh@brh.org.uk.

Website comments

If you leave a comment on any of our website pages we ask for your email address and record your IP address. This helps us cut down on spam and abusive comments.

We do not use your email address for anything, but it is stored along with your IP address and comment on the database that runs the website.

The comments use cookies (see below).


If you buy something from us using the website we need to collect enough information to complete the order; this includes you email address as well as your name and physical address if we are posting something to you.

We never see your financial detail because we only accept payment through PayPal, and they deal with all that sort of thing.

Data pertaining to financial transaction are kept as long as HMRC requires. Please refer to PayPal’s privacy statements to find out how long they keep records of each transaction.


Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer to log details of your visit to a website. They can help remember the contents of a shopping cart and help us collect usage data for the website.

Most websites use cookies and they do not harm your computer.

The cookies we use on this website are:

  1. tracking cookies placed by Piwik (the program we use for website usage stats);
  2. noting if you have accepted that we use cookies;
  3. comments use cookies so that you can edit and track the comments you leave;
  4. the shopping cart uses cookies so that your browser remembers your order as you move through the website;
  5. third part social media additions to the website use cookies for their content, in particular the twitter feed on our home page uses cookies.

If you want to see the cookies set by our website when you visit try this page https://www.wikihow.com/View-Cookies.

Your browser will also have settings that control which cookies it will accept from the websites you are visiting.

Sensitive data

We do not collect or store any personal data classed as sensitive.

Where is this personal data stored?

All the data we collect are stored on our host’s servers.

Who can see personal data from this website?

The data we collect can be seen by a few BRHG members who maintain the website and email list. Our website host could also see the data if they wished.

We are hosted by xtreamlab.net, who are a small, Bristol based host specialising in hosting websites for community groups. We know them personally, and we trust them.


If you have any questions regarding the personal data held by BRHG please email brh@brh.org.uk.

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