32 Events, Over 9 Days at 7 Venues. Bristol Radical History Week 2006 was a series of events aimed at opening up to public scrutiny some of the hidden and misrepresented history of Bristol. Rather then concentrating on royals, famous engineers or wealthy merchants, Bristol Radical History Week was concerned with the proper people of Bristol. The mass of sometime rebellious and mutinous people who had their own agendas to fulfil. Lectures, debates, music, art, film, re-enactments and (if you can believe it) more.

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Date Time Title Details With Link
to , 2006 Bristol Central Library Exhibition For the whole week there was a display of historic radical journals from Bristol such as Coleridge's Journal The Watchman and the original Bristolian. There was also be a special viewing, conducted by […]
, 2006 James Nayler Commemoration Be 'your own personal Jesus' and join in with the 'Hosannas' as James Nayler, his palm wielding Cancan Dancers and a troop of Roundhead pike and musketmen parade from the Centre via Corn St. to Castle […] Blew Regiment Of The Sealed Knot
, 2006

Religious Radicals 1: James Nayler Suggested areas of discussion… The religious/political turmoil of the 17th century Nayler in the New Model Army What Nayler believed and preached Nayler and Fox : Radical and Reformist currents in the […] Brian Perry,
Jonathan Harlow,
Jonathan Barry
, 2006 The Liberty Tree – The Life, Times & Writings of Tom Paine Leon Rosselson and Robb Johnson perform a musical event interspersed with contemporary songs that reflect Paine's ideas. These were influenced by the American War of Independence and were influential […] Leon Rosselson,
Robb Johnson
to , 2006 Spyglass Exhibition An exhibition opening on Sunday 29th October including prints of the 1831 uprising, images from slave rebellions, photographs from the 1987 uprising in St. Pauls and an actual cell door (complete with […]
, 2006

Insurrectionary Bristol: 1831 Britain in 1831… a tinder box? The Reform Act and suffrage The events of October in Bristol The trials and punishments Was it chaos, protest or class war? The wider political implications Why we […] Ian Bone
, 2006 1831 Uprising Commermoration Celebrate the popular revolt that shocked the British ruling classes into democratic reform. Join the 'mob' waving flaming brands and listen to fiery speeches as we remember the hundreds of Bristol […]
, 2006 Captain Blood The phrase “they just don't make 'em like this any more” has never been so accurately used as when it describes Captain Blood. A roaring adventure tale from the novel by Rafael Sabatini, Captain Blood […]
, 2006

Author’s Choice: Mike Jay Britain is in the grip of a divisive war on terror. The government is forcing through new emergency powers to imprison suspected terrorists without trial. Dissent is spilling on to the streets, where […] Mike Jay
, 2006

Radical Bristol: 1790s The Watchman: Coleridge, Beddoes and the radical 1790s in Bristol - Mike Jay During 1795-6, Bristol's popular protests against Pitt's 'Reign of Terror' were led by two remarkable figures, both recent […] Steve Mills,
Mike Jay,
Steve Poole
, 2006 Winstanley Based on the 1962 David Caute novel Comrade Jacob. This film deals with some of the life story of the 17th Century revolutionary and writer Gerard Winstanley, who, along with a small band of followers […]
, 2006

Slavery: Resistance & Rebellion 1 West Country Slavery (700-1150) - Chris Brian Slavery in England is little known about, neither is the fact that in medieval times the West Country had a very high proportion of it's population […] Chris Brian,
Edson Burton,
Richard Hart
, 2006 Clarkson & Tamango Clarkson This film tells the story of an unsung hero in the fight to abolish slave trading and is set in Bristol in 1787. Although Wilberforce has won public acclaim for finally outlawing the trade, […] Gordon Young
, 2006

Slavery: Resistance & Rebellion 2 Sugar and Tobacco: Drugs of Capitalism - Dave Cullum This lecture studies the impact of Bristol's international trade on the developing industrial economy of England in the 18th and 19th centuries, […] Dave Cullum,
Madge Dresser,
Mark Steeds
, 2006 Surfin’ Turnips The Surfin' Turnips will bring a shredding ramonewurzel pirate punk to the outcasts of the nations of the earth in Bristol Radical History Week, bring your prize veg. The Surfin' Turnips also played […] Surfin' Turnips
, 2006

Author’s Choice: Mike Manson 'Riot!' The Bristol Bridge Massacre of 1793. Mike Manson author of 'Riot!' The Bristol Bridge Massacre of 1793 talks about the riot and massacre that were a result of toll gates on the Bristol Bridge. […]
, 2006

Religious Radicals 2: Dorothy Hazzard Suggested areas of discussion…. The religious/political turmoil of the 17th century Non-conformism and women preachers Hazzard's early life, her beliefs and her non-conformism Hazzard, the English […] Jonathan Harlow,
Phil Dickinson,
Peter Linebaugh
, 2006 The Cunard Yanks & GI Babes Cunard Yanks Bristol premiere of a Cunard Yanks already shown in Liverpool and New York to popular aclaim. In the early 1950s young, white, Liverpool seamen who worked the Cunard Line, were sailing to […]
, 2006

At The Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery Viewing Generously, Bristol Museum allowed a special viewing of a series of paintings, water colours and engravings depicting the 1831 Queens Square uprisings and their aftermath. Artists such as William […]
, 2006

Author’s Choice: Peter Linebaugh Magna Carta And The Commons Magna Carta And The Commons. Or, How Bad King John Pretended to Launch a Crusade against Islam in order to better Conceal his Robbery of the People's Hydrocarbon Energy […] Peter Linebaugh
, 2006

Insurrectionary Bristol: 1980 Riots In 1980 St. Pauls in 1980 Southmead in 1980 The events of April 1980: Riot or uprising? How the St. Pauls riot was viewed by the media 1981 : Like a summer with a thousand July's Why is the […] Johnny Evans,
Ian Bone
, 2006 A Riot Of Colour Nanoplex brings you a workshop extraordinaire! Children (5+) are invited to interact with works of art and connect to historical events from Bristol's past. Using b/w copies of sketches by Bristol […]
, 2006

Insurrectionary Bristol: 1932 Revolt of the Unemployed : Bread or Batons in Bristol c. 1932. As unemployment topped 3 million and the Labour government collapsed, benefit cuts and the means test sparked unrest across the country. […] Dave Backwith
, 2006

Bristol & The Revolutionary Atlantic A Spot in Time: The Opposition between Terror and the Commons in the Perspective of the Atlantic Revolutions - Peter Linebaugh Was the coincidence on 2 April 1792 in the attempts to abolish the […] Peter Linebaugh,
Ruth Syminster,
Niklas Frykman,
Mark Steeds
, 2006 Treasure Island Disney's adaptation of Robert Louis Stephenson's classic tale. Newton, in splendid form, arguably gives the best big screen characterisation of literature's most famous unidexter. Join such legends as […]
, 2006 Can’t Y’Dance The Polka? Sea Shanties from The Harry Browns and Gunner's Mate. The Harry Browns
, 2006 Burn! Pontecorvo's memorable sequel to Battle of Algiers sees Brando in finely ambiguous form as the drunken, cynical Sir William Walker, a British agent sent to the Caribbean island of Queimada in the […]
, 2006

The New Model Army’s Relief of Bristol History Walk from St Werburghs City Farm to the centre of Bristol focusing on The New Model Army's relief of Bristol in 1645 Meet at 12noon at the St. Werburghs City Farm Cafe for breakfast (to cure […]
, 2006 The Turnips Unplugged The Surfin' Turnips played a raw and acoustic set as a treat for Sunday afternoon. The Surfin' Turnips played a fully amplified gig on Wednesday 1st November. Surfin' Turnips
, 2006 Hanging At Kenn & Bristol At War The Hanging At Kenn tells of historian Steve Poole's quest for the reasons behind Britain's last public hanging to be carried out at the "scene of the crime". It happened at Kenn in North Somerset in […]
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BWHW 2006 Colour Poster – Nayler
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BWHW 2006 Colour Poster – 1831
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BWHW 2006 Colour Poster – Maroon
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BWHW 2006 Colour Poster – Bonny
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BRHW 2006 Black & White Poster
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