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Date: , 2006
Price: £3/4
Series: Bristol Radical History Week 2006
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Based on the 1962 David Caute novel Comrade Jacob. This film deals with some of the life story of the 17th Century revolutionary and writer Gerard Winstanley, who, along with a small band of followers known as The Diggers tried to establish a self-sufficient farming community on common land at St. George’s Hill near Cobham in Surrey (wikipedia). Directed by Andrew Mollo and Kevin Brownlow, this is a true masterpiece of British Independent Cinema. The talent of these two film makers unquestionable. Their vision of 17th Century England has never been bettered. Andrew Mollo’s attention to period detail is unsurpassed resulting in costumes and design that are simply faultless. The cinematography is breathtaking and Kevin Brownlow’s editing is masterful. Miles Haliwell plays the lead part of Gerrard Winstanley and he gives a moving and insightful performance. This is a must see film the like of which we may never see again. I am sure it taught Kubrick a lesson or two about filming period dramas (IMDB).

1975, 95 mins.
Starring: Miles Halliwell, Jerome Willis
Director: Kevin Brownlow

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