At this years Bristol Anarchist Bookfair BRHG will be running the Radical History Zone. As well as a selection of book stalls from history groups and local publishers there we will also be hosting a series of talks (see below for details).

The full programme for the boofair is available from the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair website.

The stalls include:

Tangent Books
Breviary Stuff Publications
Long John Silver Trust & Fiducia
Living Easton
Bloom n Curl Bookshop
Pasttense Press
Just Seeds
Richard Hart
Northern Voices

Date Time Title Details With Link
, 2010 ‘Every Cook Can Govern’: From Athens to the Electoral Lottery Cheerleaders for parliamentary democracy often hark back semi-legendary ‘golden ages’ as a foundation of the modern electoral process. Do these myths have any basis in reality and what relevance do […] Daniel Bennett
, 2010 Doing Radical History Recent years have seen a resurgence in ‘doing radical history’, from researching, writing and speaking to provocative recreations, media stunts and interventions in civic debates. South London Radical […]
, 2010 Directional Discourse and Counter-history John Desmond’s concept of directional discourse might interest radical historians for two reasons. It incorporates the two concepts of ascending discourse and counter-history. And it has produced a […] John Desmond
, 2010 Do It Yourself Publishing A panel of experienced independent publishers will discuss the ins and outs of producing history texts from short-run reprinting, running a small publishing outfit to the revival of the ‘radical […] Richard Jones,
Randall Brantley,
Alex (Past Tense),
Paul Mangan
, 2010 Anarchism in Bristol and the West Country to 1950 Steve Hunt looks at home-grown anarchism, with its roots in a tradition of West Country radicalism. Many colourful and inspiring characters believing in ‘The Cause’ were here. So let’s put on our […] Stephen E. Hunt
, 2010 Drowning on Dry Land: Swansea’s Jack Kerouac From working-class Wales through drugs, gambling and prison to punk, Paris fashion houses and San Francisco’s underground, Ray Jones editor of the notorious ‘Roughler’ magazine recounts his surreal […] Ray Jones
, 2010 The Atmosphere of Heaven: Dr. Beddoes and revolutionary Bristol Beddoes (1760-1808), a fervent humanitarian and chemist, was inspired by the heady ideals of the French Revolution and the wonders of Nitrous Oxide gas. In Bristol, he gathered a dazzling circle of […] Mike Jay
, 2010 The Atmosphere of Heaven A Nitrous Oxide fuelled history walk with Mike Jay through Clifton exploring the themes of his new book; Dr Beddoes, the Romantic Poets and laughing Gas. The blurb from his book, which is out in […] Mike Jay

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