Event from: Miscellaneous 2023

Colonialism and Memory in Bristol

Mnemoscapes of the South West SWWDTP Memory Studies Research Cluster

Event Details
Date: , 2023
Time: to
Location: M Shed Wapping Road Bristol BS1 4RN
Price: free
With: Mark Steeds, Rosemary L Caldicott
Series: Miscellaneous 2023
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.

Rosemary Caldicott and Mark Steeds will be speaking at the Colonialism and Memory in Bristol.

Join us for a public workshop on colonialism and memory in Bristol. Moving between the museum, the city, and space for discussion and reflection, we’ll be asking what decolonisation means, what it might look like in practice, as well as the challenges facing these efforts.

Join us at the M Shed in Bristol on 1st July,

The workshop is free and refreshments and lunch will be provided, but space is limited to 30 places.

10:45-12:45  – A city walking tour by Mark Steeds (Bristol Radical History Group) including the Colston plinth.

15:30-16:30  – BRHG members Mark Steeds and Rosemary Caldicott will be speaking.

Mark Steeds will talk about Stevenson’s story from San Francisco, where he undertook his voyage of the South Seas, travels to Hawaii and then on ultimately to Samoa. He became an activist, witnesses the king of Hawaii being usurped by the Americans, the Anglican attack on Father Damien and his Leper colony, and the first Samoan ‘Civil War’. His wife Fanny stayed on and witnessed the second Samoan civil war that led to western domination (British, American and German).  Marks research is in support of the Long John Silver Trust and our European Cultural Route: -“In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson”.

Rosemary Caldicott will be speaking about the maintenance and subsequent implications of the Royal African Company forts in West Africa. Her research is based upon her forthcoming book about the RAC Hannibal Slave-ship (1693-1695) and her previous publication Nautical Women – Women sailors & the Women of Sailortowns: A Forgotten Diaspora c.1693–1902.

For further information about this event and the full program please link here

Event held on Saturday 1st July 10.00-1730

at M Shed Wapping Road Bristol BS1 4RN



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