Date Time Title Details With Link
, 2009 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Three talks from BRHG; The history of corporations, Social Crime, Hidden struggles in the 19th Century Roger Ball,
Steve Mills,
Daniel Bennett
, 2009 No Retreat A talk about fighting fascism in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Colin Thomas,
Steve Tilzey
, 2009 Bridport Talks, reconstructions and a gig. Roger Ball,
Kevin Davis,
Steve Mills,
Who's Afear'd
, 2009 Suffragette A reconstruction and talks: Suffragettes in Bristol, A critique of the composition and outlook of the Suffragettes. Dawn Dyer,
Anny Cullum
, 2009

Radical History Walk The walk will take in the scenes of some radical activism, both ancient and modern, and compare this with the actions of the 'mob'. Roger Ball,
Daniel Bennett,
Mark Steeds,
Steve Mills

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