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Refusing to Kill – Bristol’s WW1 Conscientious Objectors

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Date: , 2018
Time: to
Venue: Bristol Central Reference Library, BS1 5TL
Price: Free
With: Lois Bibbings
Series: Miscellaneous 2018
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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Projects: Bristol’s WWI Conscientious Objectors
Subjects: Radical Bristol, World War I
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Whiteford brothers
A combatant, conchie and ambulance driver; the Whiteford brothers go to ‘war’.

Over 350 men from the Bristol area refused to fight in World War 1. They claimed the status of conscientious objector for moral, religious or political reasons. Some agreed to take non-military roles. Others spent much of the war in prison, often under harsh conditions. This illustrated talk presented by Professor Lois Bibbings tells the stories of these men and the people in the city who supported them.

This event is part of a series of Lunchtime Lectures by Bristol Libraries. There is no need to book this event, just drop into Bristol Central Library.

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