Conflict and Struggle in the Arms Industry

A Memoir of a Bristol Trade Union Activist

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Number: 57
By: Andy Danford
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-911522-65-2
Number of pages: 132
Format: Bound Booklet
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Section: BRHG Publications
Subjects: Radical Bristol, Workers Organisations & Strikes
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In this important memoir, Andy Danford brings to life his experience as a worker and senior union representative in Bristol’s arms industry during the 1970s and 80s. During these two decades life on the shop and office floors, and the strength of workplace trade unionism, shifted dramatically, as the advent of Thatcherism marked the beginning of the sustained attack on worker and union rights which extends to this day.

Against this background of change, this memoir provides a rich account of the actions of rank-and-file trade unionists to improve the pay, conditions and job security of these Bristol workers, culminating in a notable industrial and political struggle to convert the British Aerospace arms factory in Filton to the production of socially useful products. Alas, this final campaign failed, and in his account, Danford reveals the complexities and political difficulties of achieving the principle of ‘swords into ploughshares’.

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