Mabel Tothill

Feminist, socialist, pacifist

Publication Details
Number: 45
By: June Hannam
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 978-1-911522-48-5
Number of pages: 54
Format: Bound Booklet

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June Hannam’s pamphlet examines the life and work of Mabel Tothill (1869 – 1964), Quaker peace campaigner, socialist and Bristol’s first woman councillor. It reveals how this committed social activist was part of a complex network of individuals and organisations working to improve the lives of Bristol women and men.

As a campaigner for women’s suffrage and a stalwart of the Independent Labour Party, Mabel saw the causes of women and labour as intertwined. Her interest in education and desire to bring people of all classes together led her to be instrumental in the early years of the Barton Hill Settlement and Bristol Folk House.
During World War 1, she engaged in tireless work supporting Bristol conscientious objectors, visiting COs in prison, monitoring their conditions and organising holidays for their families.

The impressive range of Mabel Tothill’s work outlined here is testimony to her strong “belief that socialism and labour politics held the key to a better life for all”.

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Mabel Tothill

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  1. She was my mums great aunt. My mum always talked about her a great deal when I was a child. Sheba’s many family photos of her. An amazing woman

  2. Hi Clare, that is amazing she was your Great Aunt! What an incredibly impressive woman. I work for Uplands Productions and we are making a documentary about Bedminster for Channel 4 and we are doing a segment on Mabel Tothill. We would love to talk to you about this asap as we are filming this week in Bristol. Would you be able to please email me on please? Really hope we can connect!

  3. Hi Clare, my name is Georgia I am writing from Uplands Productions, we are making a documentary for channel 4 about Bedminster this week. We would love to talk to you about Mable Tothill if possible. Could you please contact me on when you have a moment?

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