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Miscellaneous events for 2018.

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, 2018 A Conscientious Concert Two performances at 13.15 & 15.30 Venue: Bristol Cathedral, College Green, BS1 5TJ Pianist: Steven Kings Soprano: Heather Ashford No booking required and no admission charge but there will be a […]
, 2018 Film: Tony Benn’s Defining Moments Tony Benn was a great chronicler of his times and in this final chronicle of his life he reflects on the moments that defined his political and personal life experiences. This programme uses […]
, 2018

Lady Blackshirts: Suffragettes who became fascists Part of Bristol Women's Voice, International Women's Day Celebrations in Room 1P04, City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR. Note: A crèche with two hour slots is available at the venue. During the […] Trish Mensah
, 2018

Hidden Voices: Black and Asian Women and the Suffrage Movements in Britain and America Part of Bristol Women’s Voice, International Women’s Day Celebrations in Room 1P04, City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR. Note: A crèche with two hour slots is available at the venue. Black and […] Silu Pascoe
, 2018

The ‘Goddess’ and the ‘Leader’ in Prehistory? Part of Bristol Women’s Voice, International Women’s Day Celebrations in Room 1P04, at City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR. Note: A creche with two hour slots is available at the venue. Some […] Dr Lucy Goodison
, 2018 Film Showing: Spiridonova – Armed Love In Russia in October 1917 the Bolsheviks could rule only in coalition with LEFT SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONARIES who's charismatic leader MARIA SPIRIDONOVA was the equal of Lenin. Till April 1918 they […] Ian Bone
, 2018 Otherstory puppet show: On the Run Otherstory presents - A puppet drama documentary about men on the run from conscription during World War 1. Using table top puppetry, photographs and posters from the period, the experience of men on […] Otherstory
, 2018

Who Refused To Kill? An opportunity to do your own research into Conscientious Objectors and resistance to war during World War 1 Bristol Central Library staff and members of Remembering the Real World War 1 will show you […]
, 2018

Refusing to Kill – Bristol’s WW1 Conscientious Objectors Over 350 men from the Bristol area refused to fight in World War 1. They claimed the status of conscientious objector for moral, religious or political reasons. Some agreed to take non-military roles. […] Lois Bibbings
, 2018 Outcasts, Cowards and Quakers – Re-examining the Conscientious Objectors of the First World War This talk given by Professor Lois Bibbings will consider conventional ideas about objectors alongside an exploration of who these men (and women) were, what they did and why, what happened to them and […] Lois Bibbings
, 2018 Swords Into Ploughshares, Arms To Renewables “To inflame the imagination of others” – that is the way shop steward convenor Mike Cooley saw the Lucas Aerospace Alternative Plan. The Plan had arisen out of the threat of massive redundancies at […] Hilary Wainwright
, 2018 Film Showing: Make More Noise This fascinating British Film Institute compilation of original footage highlights the passion and media savvy of the suffragettes in struggle, offering a fascinating portrait of British women during […] Dawn Dyer
, 2018 Refusing To Kill: Walter Ayles and Harry Patch The 'Refusing To Kill – Bristol’s World War 1 Conscientious Objectors' exhibition has been at Bristol Archives since June 5th. Just as when it was shown elsewhere in the city, it has attracted lots of […] Colin Thomas,
Lois Bibbings
, 2018

Otherstory puppet show: ‘Taking a holiday’ and research workshop This will be the last chance to see the Refusing to Kill exhibition at the Bristol Archives and an opportunity to see the excellent Otherstory puppet show 'Taking a Holiday' and take part in a […] Lois Bibbings,
, 2018

‘The Lion of the Occasion’: Frederick Douglass in Bristol In the summer of 1846 the famous American abolitionist Frederick Douglass took to the stage of the Victoria Rooms in Bristol, enthralling his thousands-strong audience with vivid denunciations of […] Laurence Fenton
, 2018

Radical History: Smuggling and Poaching in Dorset As part of BridLit Fringe Kev Davis and Steve Mills from the Bristol Radical History Group explore the history of smuggling and poaching in Dorset. Should Smugglers be considered folk heroes and to […]
, 2018 Film Screening – Greece: The Hidden War A rare chance to see the 1986 Channel 4 documentary that explored the clash between British forces and the left-wing Greek Resistance against the Nazi occupation in 1944, which led to the 'Battle for […] Jane Gabriel,
Theo Papadopoulos

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