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Laurence Fenton is a writer and editor living in Cork, Ireland. He received a PhD in History from University College Cork in 2003 before spending a number of years writing fiction (short stories that were published in newspapers and small literary journals) while working as an archaeologist and bookseller across Ireland and England. Since 2009, he has worked as an editor, copy-editor and proofreader on everything from cookery magazines to travel guides to biographies of figures like Rory Gallagher and Oscar Wilde. He has also published a number of history books in this time, including Frederick Douglass in Ireland: ‘The Black O’Connell’ (2014), which was praised by the Irish Times and the Irish Voice among other publications. His latest book, ‘I Was Transformed’: Frederick Douglass – An American Slave in Victorian Britain, was published by Amberley in February 2018 – the bicentenary of Douglass’s birth.

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