The People’s Act of Love

By James Meek
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Author: James Meek
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Edition: New Ed 2006
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Subjects: Communism, Revolution & Rebellion
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Its 1919 and the civil war which followed the Russian revolution is drawing to an end. A Czech division is trapped in Yazyk, an isolated Siberian town, with the Bolsheviks advancing along the rail route into the town. Armored trains hold the key to military power. However the townspeople are made up of religious sect of voluntary castrates. (Both these groups of people existed in Russia at the time and so the events are based loosely on historical fact.) When the enigmatic revolutionary Samarin arrives in Yazyk, the town’s diverse factions are thrown into conflict which then becomes a microcosm of the Russian revolution itself.

The People's Act of Love

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