Bedminster War Resisters

Digital map with history walks

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A map of resistance to World War 1 in Bedminster, a district of South Bristol.  It shows the homes of over 40 Conscientious Objectors and others who took part in resistance to World War 1, as well as places where they worked, met and organised, and other sites of significance.

The map grew out of research for Steps Against War, a history walk created by Otherstory and a group of local people, in collaboration with Remembering the Real World War 1.  The project was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  The map and walks are licensed under the following Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

You can download guides to the two history walks that are shown on the map here:

To view the routes of the two walks on the map – click on the symbol on the left of the grey bar at the top of the map. This opens the map menu. Scroll down till you see History Walk 1 and History Walk 2 – tick the box next to the walk you would like to see.

There is more to be discovered in Bedminster.  Do you have information to add to the map?  Let us know.  E-mail:

You can also see a film of the history walk: Steps Against War

Instruction on how to use the map: Guidance for using the map on a PC or laptop

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