Talks by BRHG stalwarts contributed to The Working Class Bookfair

Where Now For The Left? – Ian Bone

Ian Bone, Class Warrior, Ciaran Walsh IWW (involved in Traveller education), plus one other speaker (tbc).

It has become common place to patronise working class people, whether those who tell us that we don’t exist or the condescending description of us as ‘chavs’ etc. and ‘dole scum’. We are working class and we are proud of it. The British working class is the oldest in the world created in the furnace of the industrial revolution and brutality of enclosures and destruction of the commons. We have our own cultures, tradition, language of which we can be well proud. This meeting will discuss how working class people have and can organise for a more democratic society.

The Land Is Your Land – Steve Mills

Steve Mills, Bristol Radical History Group, Elected Chair of Bristol UNISON (personal capacity)

Covering issues of land rights, the idea of ‘the commons’, the Diggers, St Georges Hill, The English Revolution, Kingswood miners and the squatting of forest land, and free mining, moving onto common law, the land is ours movement, forest rights, the one day house & the use of common land, finishing up with a good riot or two. Something for everyone: riots, community, historical rights, environmental sustainability, and links to now!

Listen to these talks:

Ian Bone

Steve Mills

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