Spring 2009


Bristol Radical History Group offers a quality blend of events for Spring 2009, covering both historical and contemporary issues. We begin with future utopian visions (Nowtopia), consider the hidden histories of seminal events of the 1980s (Hillsborough and The Miners’ Strike) and champion revolutionary thinkers who our rulers afear’d (Thomas Paine). To top it all we will be unveiling a plaque on the Seven Stars Pub to commemorate the abolitionist Thomas Clarkson and the Bristol sailors who blew the whistle on the slave trade. We look forward to sharing some history, some chat and a pint or two with you.


20 years since Hillsborough
25 years since the Miners Strike
200 years since the death of Thomas Paine


The life and work of radical Poet John Gregory (1831 – 1922)
The unveiling of the new Seven Stars Plaque
The invention of a new future

Spring 2009 Programme - Front
Spring 2009 Programme – Front
Spring 2009 Programme - Back
Spring 2009 Programme – Back
Spring 2009 Programme Poster
Spring 2009 Programme Poster

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