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Eastville Workhouse's Paupers Remembered

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In 2015, the Eastville Workhouse Memorial Group unveiled a memorial for the 4,084 paupers buried in a mass grave at Rosemary Green. We follow them and the Bristol Radical History Group’s efforts to correct this historical wrong, and to bring light upon the ever-continuing assault on working people’s conditions.


  1. I worked in 100 Fishponds road as an Plumbers Apprentice to Mr Arthur ( art)
    Pollard in 1956 / 57 the workshops were in the small stable type buildings close to the burial grounds it also had Carpenters and Electrician in the shared building.there was also an Engineer located by the big laundry ,Water Tank also a very tall chimney .
    It was then used for elderly homeless and by gatehouse to the right hand side was housed mother and baby’s ( similar to the Downend M& B houses where I also worked for Bristol Corporation City Estates Dept.
    The conditions even in the 1950s were very poor and the smell of the elderly not very pleasent.
    I hope this gives a little more knowledge to those interested .

    • my grand father was Master of the workhouse his surname was wilks . in the 1950s my other grandfather who was a cooper by trade James Albert Jarrett worked at 100 fishponds road in the 1950s, as a handyman , he lived at 612 stapleton road by Eastville park now gone to make way for the motorway

      • Why are you not ashamed to admit that?
        As a child I lived there when it was a poor house in the early 1960s. It was horrendous then. I can’t even imagine what evils the people forced to live there before endured.

    • I was wondering if any 1 can help me some of my family have 100 fishponds road down as where they where born quite a few have

      • Hello Margaret,
        I’m sorry I can’t remember you but Myself Martin, Dave and Sue along with my mother lived there in the Mid 60s.

  2. I see my brother Martin has added that we lived there in the mid 60s myself Dave brother Martin and my sister Sue and mum. I still remember it. It was absolutely horrible. All because of our violent drunken father

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