Eastville And Stapleton Workhouses

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These pictures were found in Bristol Central Reference Library. For permission to reproduce them please contact refandinfo@bristol.gov.uk.


Eastville by Loxton
The front of Eastville Workhouse by Samuel Loxton (1887-1922).


Eastville Workhouse
Eastville Workhouse at twilight. A transparency probably taken in the late 60s. Photographer unknown.
Maytree Flats Fishpods Road
The view from Argyle Road, January 2015.




Stapleton Workhouse by Samuel Loxton
The front of Stapleton Workhouse by Samuel Loxton (1887-1922).



A map of Stapleton Workhouse and Asylum from 1900.
A map of Stapleton Workhouse and Asylum from 1900.


A map of Stapleton Workhouse and Asylum from 1880.
A map of Stapleton Workhouse and Asylum from 1880.


Bristol Magpie October 13 1904
A cartoon The Bristol Magpie October 13 1904.


Bristol Magpie December 1890
A cartoon lampooning William Booth of the Salvation army. Bristol Magpie December 1890.



  1. Don’t quite understand the Charles Booth cartoon but it should be William Booth, he and Catherine were founders of the Salvation Army. Charles Booth was a social reformer who mapped out areas of London.

  2. My father, Frank Coltman was born in the Stapleton workhouse in March 1890.
    His mother left quickly, but he survived, both the workhouse and two world wars.


    I have a family member who was in Stapleton Road workhouse in 1871 when she was 7, her name was Julia Crinks born 1863 to Jane Crinks. I was wondering if you have any other information on her. On the 1881 she was living with her mother – Jane Crinks, her grandmother also named Jane Hansford previously Crinks, maiden name Haines and her Aunt Harriet Crumpton nee Crinks.I look forward to any information you may be able to provide or where I am able to locate this. Thank you for your time.

  4. My Great Grandfather James Mathews was admitted to Stapleton workhouse and was there in 1911 but I am having trouble finding his death date. Any information on how to locate this would be welcome.

  5. Thestus Pentwell “Loafy” Nugent was my great grandpappy and he unraveled much oakum in that time, as he would recount to us. Came to the US aboard the Constellation and settled in W Virginia, where our family lives to this day.

  6. If an inmate of Stapleton Workhouse died, where were they buried?
    A relative of mine died in the Stapleton workhouse sanatorium.

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