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Penn, Tillett, Batons And Bread

We are pleased to announce the publication of three new pamphlets. The Life & Family Of William Penn: 260 Years Of Bloody Colonialism, by Jim McNeill Bread Or Battons? Unemployed Workers' Struggles In 1930s Bristol, Dave Backwith and Roger Ball Ben Tillett, by Jim McNeill ... More →

Quaker Pamphlet

At last weekend's Bristol Anarchist Bookfair we launched the latest Bristol Radical Pamphleteer publication entitled The Peculiar History Of The Sect Known As The Quakers by Jim McNeill. Who were the Quakers? Why were they persecuted? Why did they stop being radical? How did some of Bristol’s Quakers become so rich? From James Naylor’s... More →

New Pamphlets

Four new Bristol Radical History Pamphleteer pamphlets are being launched at Off With Their Heads. They are: The Bristol Manifesto - The 2008 G8 In Hokkaido: Strategic Assessment, by The Emergency Exit Collective John Locke - The Philosopher of Primitive Accumulation, by George Caffentzis The Life And Times Of Warren James - Free Miner In The... More →