Ros Martin: ‘Before I Am Rendered Invisible’

Book Launch On 22nd October In Bristol

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Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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The wonderful Ros Martin, multi-format artist and activist, has a new book out: ‘Before I Am Rendered Invisible – Resistance From The Margins’.

The book is published by Palavro Publishing on the 18th October; and the book is launched during Black History Month at Watermans in the Galleries BS1 3XD, on 22nd October at 6.30pm – with spoken word from Ros Martin, accompanied with music by Alphonse Daudet Touna. This event is free but please pre-register here.

The book comes in six sections, and Ros tells us:

In public platforms, near and far, over the past 20 years, I have raised my voice to honour the lives of the invisible black woman, man and lowly other, past and present.

Before I Am Rendered Invisible‘ is a personal archive of performance writings that chart black struggle and resistance in Bristol and beyond, in spoken word, play, public chalk events, social commentary and memoir.

In ‘Before I Am Rendered Invisible‘ , I am remembering, I am giving space, affording time, giving voice to the little people’s lives, to events that have mattered to me, that have provoked me, whilst living and working in Bristol. I am countering the silence, bringing to the fore and celebrating marginalised lives of struggle and resistance.

Pushing out from the margins, this publication endeavours to elucidate the past and ongoing struggle in our midst, it also is a reminder that we have always been a people of struggle and resistance, taking inspiration from those who have gone before. For Black Lives to Matter, our voices need be heard.

On the website Olawale Arts you can find out much more about Ros’ artistic work and projects; there is an interview with her about the book here; and more on the launch event here.

Ros has been a regular collaborator with, and contributor to, BRHG events for a number of years. Ros was a founder member of the campaign Countering Colston that sought to speak truth to power and ensure the real history of Edward Colston was made public. She went on to become an ardent supporter of the Colston4, four young people charged with criminal damage after the toppling of the Colston statue in June 2020, who were all found not guilty in January 2022.

We send Ros our best wishes for the book and launch – do get along to hear her speak!

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