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Reference Library makes available documents for the Bristol Radical History Festival

Event Details
Date: , 2024
Time: to
Location: Bristol Room
Venue: Bristol Central Reference Library, BS1 5TL
Price: Free
Series: Bristol Radical History Festival


Front cover of Robin Adèle Greeley, Surrealism and the Spanish Civil War (2006)

We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Bristol Reference Library for an opening the archives event on Saturday 13th April. There will be a choice selection of books and documents on display to view and peruse, complementing the themes of the forthcoming Bristol Radical History Festival.

As the public library service built up its international affairs collection during the mid-1930s, interest in the Spanish Civil War was foremost. Historic items reflecting perspectives from both Republican and Francoist sides will be available, alongside books depicting art and culture inspired by the conflict. The Spanish Civil War was not only fought in the streets and across the landscape, but through the embattled pages and canvases of rival propaganda narratives. Also, see rarely viewed treasures relating to the theme of “Workhouses and ‘Madhouses’: Histories of mental health and social care in Bristol.”

These items will be available to read in the historic Bristol Room with library staff and Bristol Radical History Group volunteers on hand (numbers limited to 20 attendees at a time). The event will run from 11am-4pm.


Mary Carpenter on A letter on the charges of the Bristol Guardians (1861)

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