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Subjects: Capitalism (The Rise Of), Commons, Customary Rights & Enclosures
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Clipped Coins: John Locke’s Philosophy Of Money

Join George Caffentzis as he takes a sledgehammer to Locke’s economic theory, his philosophy and his reputation. Starting from the political crisis that arose from the ‘clipping’ of silver currency by 17th century monetary pirates, moving through Locke’s support for slavery and his active role in providing the philosophy that underpinned the rise of capitalism, Caffentzis’ critique provides useful ammunition in the ongoing war of ideas with neo-liberalism.

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Dangerous Lasses And The Lumpen Classes

In his 1967 seminal essay, ‘Time and Work Discipline’, EP Thompson posed the question to what extent time and industrial discipline had impacted upon the great port cities. Thompson doubted whether it had. Ironically, at the time the Beatles Revolver album, celebrating the right to laze and not the right to work, was riding high in the charts.

Steve Higginson will describe the reasons why port cities, like Liverpool, rejected industrial time and discipline, and why we should value the transgressive and matriarchal nature of the Lumpen Proletariat.

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