The Poetry of Heathcote Williams

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Date: , 2011
Venue: Hamilton House, BS1 3QY
Price: Free
With: Roy Hutchins
Series: Anarchist Bookfair 2011
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Heathcote Williams is celebrated for many reasons; as writer, actor, painter, even conjurer. Heathcote’s foray into diplomacy came in 1977, when he became Ambassador to Great Britain for a London squat called Frestonia, which declared independence. His epic ecological poems such as Whale Nation and Autogeddon were loved by a readership far beyond the usual poetry-reading circles. He continues to paint, poetise and rant on matters topical and historical.

This is an opportunity to hear Roy Hutchins perform Heathcote’s new work with the old anarchic edge. Writer, director, performer and comedian Roy Hutchins has long worked closely with Heathcote, collaborating on several projects over the years. This event is a warm-up to the national tour of Zanzibar Cats in 2012 – a special treat for Bristol’s anarchists and radical historians! It promises: ‘an eclectic, entertaining and provocative poetical happening. Roy’s incisive delivery perfectly matches the content; lively, audience-focused, it brings the poetry alive with an intuitive understanding and theatrical flourish’.

If you want a preview pop over to You Tube.

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