God’s Beautiful Sunshine

The 1921 Miners’ Lockout in the Forest of Dean

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Number: 48
By: Ian Wright
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 978-1-911522-54-6
Number of pages: 262
Format: Bound Booklet
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Section: BRHG Publications
Subjects: Workers Organisations & Strikes
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In 1921, in response to a severe depression in the coal trade, colliery owners, supported by the government, slashed labour costs.

Refusing to accept this cut in wages, a million British miners, including many war veterans, were locked out of their pits.

The consequences for the 6,000 Forest of Dean miners, their families and the whole community, was brutal. However, the miners fought a determined battle for an alternative which included public ownership of the mines with decent pay and conditions.

In God’s Beautiful Sunshine, Ian Wright tells the story of the miners’ extraordinary resilience in their struggle for a better life.

Front cover with a photo of striking miners and their families enjoying a picnicBack cover showing the same picture as the front cover

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God’s Beautiful Sunshine

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  1. Great book. Well researched. I enjoyed reading it not just because of family connections but also to understand the struggles of the Forest miners.

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