Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Radical History Zone 2011 Poster

Radical History Zone

At this years Bristol Anarchist Bookfair BRHG will again be running the Radical History Zone. As well as a selection of book stalls from history groups and local publishers there we will also be hosting a series of talks (see below for details), poetry and a puppet show.

There are also several events in the week running up to the bookfair including a BRHG talk by Gabriel Kuhn (see below).

The full programme for the boofair is available from the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair website.

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2011 Poster

This year the RHZ stalls will be on Level 3 and include (for a details of all the stalls Bristol Anarchist Bookfair website):

BRHG – History books including our own range of pamphlets.

Just Seeds – Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 26 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance.

Kate Sharpley – The Kate Sharpley Library exists to preserve and promote anarchist history. We preserve the output of the anarchist movement, mainly in the form of books, pamphlets, newspaper, leaflets and manuscripts but also badges, recordings, photographs etc.

Richard Roberts – I am an amateur historian and wrote a translation of a work by Carlo Pisacane (La Rivoluzione). Pisacane was an early Italian anarchist, (precursor to Bakunin) and nationalist and ‘one of the most intelligent leaders of the Italian Risorgimento’ My translation also incorporates an introduction setting out biographical details of Pisacane and details of hos works and ideas in the context of the soxcial and political thoinking of the age. It is the first translation into English of his work and the first English work on him.

Breviary Stuff

PM Press – We seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books, pamphlets, t-shirts, visual and audio materials to entertain, educate, and inspire you.

Bloom & Curl – Second hand bookshop and cultural space.

Living Easton – Local history pamphlets from and about Easton.

Northern Voices – Northern Voices is a roughly bi-annual regional journal, published by a Northern Anarchist Network affinity group, that aims at challenging the establishment in an interesting way that appeals to a popular local readership.

Tangent – Bristol’s independent publisher that mixes anarchism, local guide books and humour.

Date Time Title Details With Link
, 2011

‘Soccer vs. the State: Tackling Football and Radical Politics’ A former semi-professional football player, Gabriel Kuhn shares his thoughts on the game in his latest book. Besides exploring the history and the politics of the professional game, Kuhn takes a look […] Gabriel Kuhn
, 2011 Street Farming Peter Crump was a member of Street Farm, a London-based collective of anarchist architects and designers working in the early 1970s. They published Street Farmer, an underground paper that, alongside […] Peter Crump
, 2011 A History of Free Festivals: From the Wallies to the Battle of the Beanfield If you can remember them you just weren’t there. Now Wally Dean will help to fill in the gaps. Firm fixtures on the counter-cultural calendar since the 1960s, free festivals had their heyday between […] Wally Dean
, 2011 Gustav Landauer and the German Revolution of 1918-19 Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) remains Germany's most influential anarchist. Gabriel Kuhn, editor and translator of the first comprehensive volume of Landauer texts in English, Revolution and Other […] Gabriel Kuhn
, 2011 The Bristol Boys As the perfect après fair, artist Mike Baker will present his ‘Bristol Boys’ plaque which was recently unveiled outside the Hatchet Inn. At the turn of the 19th Century the Hatchet was the bare […] Mike Baker
, 2011 The Sharpness Nuclear Waste Train Blockade The story of a direct action by activists from Bristol, Bath and Stroud in 1980; told by one of those who took part with film footage taken during the action. The blockade is placed in the context of […] Trevor Houghton
, 2011 Hands off our forest – saving the Forest of Dean We have just seen a massive U turn by this government as a result of huge ground swell of public opinion against the proposed sell off of the Forestry Commission Estate. In the autumn of 2010, the […] Ian Wright
, 2011 Roots of Ecological Resistance – 20 Years of Earth First! A puppet show and workshop celebrating 20 years of ecological activism: from the treetops of Newbury, to planting trees on the M11, to the tops of power station chimneys. Using a magically simple […] Otherstory
, 2011 The Poetry of Heathcote Williams Heathcote Williams is celebrated for many reasons; as writer, actor, painter, even conjurer. Heathcote’s foray into diplomacy came in 1977, when he became Ambassador to Great Britain for a London […] Roy Hutchins
, 2011 Prof. Preston and George Orwell: The varieties of historical investigation and experience A couple of years ago, at a gathering of the International Brigade Memorial Trust, Professor Paul Preston, describing George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, said: 'It is not a bad book but the trouble […] Brian Bamford

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