Why History Matters… Why Radical History Matters More… Part 1

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Date: , 2009
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With: Roger Ball, Steve Mills, Anny Cullum
Series: BRHG Take Manhattan
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Subjects: Democracy & Suffrage, Revolution & Rebellion, Riots & Disturbances, Women, Workers Organisations & Strikes
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A series of lectures, presentations and discussion presented by Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) emphasising the importance and relevance of radical history. Using a diverse series of historical case studies the speakers will demonstrate the various interventions BRHG have made into their local and national histories including:

  • uncovering hidden histories
  • challenging established narratives
  • questioning previous generations of ‘radical history’
  • linking new narratives and critiques with current struggles

Case studies in Part 1 include:

A Barbarous and Ungovernable People: The Miners of Kingswood Forest

Steve Mills explains the nature of the commons and the content of ‘commoning’ by studying the English forest and its rebellious inhabitants. Focusing on Kingswood (east of Bristol) between the 17th and 19th centuries he examines the moral economy of the native colliers, their struggles against enclosure and the attempts by the authorities to pacify the area.

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From Peterloo to Captain Swing: Victims or Insurgents?

Roger critiques received ‘radical’ narratives of enfranchisement and the formation of Trade Unions in Britain by focusing on the hidden history of uprising and insurrection in the early 19th Century. Why have some events been ignored or denigrated and others been championed by the left and the labour movement?

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Votes for Ladies: The Suffragette Movement 1903-1914

An examination of the established narrative of the struggle for the enfranchisement of women. Anny Cullum critiques the composition and outlook of this iconic movement from a class perspective.

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My Holiday Snaps: The Indian Enclosures

Rich Grove presents an illustrated talk charting the Adivasi’s and Dalits’ struggle to protect their land from the encroachments sponsored by industry and the World Bank in a contemporary world-wide wave of enclosures.

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