A Brief History Of Corporations

Where Did They Come From?

Publication Details
Number: 3
By: Daniel Bennett
Edition: 4th Edition 2024 (1st Edition 2008)
ISBN: 978-1-911522-75-1
Number of pages: 29
Format: Stapled Pamphlet
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Where did corporations come from and how did they get the same legal rights as individuals? This pamphlet attempts to answer these questions in a manner that will not cause the reader too much distress. But if you want more jokes, the pamphlet also includes a three-page comic by Andy Singer which addresses the same questions.

“An entertaining and educational read”—Noam Chomsky (As relayed to Dan by Ward Morehouse, honest)

Front cover based on a print depicting the Boston Tea Party.The back cover depicting the cover to the Andy Singer cartoon Invasion of the Corporatons

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