Event from: Miscellaneous 2020

Nautical Women – Women Sailors in History

Event Details
Date: , 2020
Location: Pill Library and Children's Centre,, Crockerne House, Underbanks, Pill BS20 0AT
Price: Free
With: Rosemary L Caldicott
Series: Miscellaneous 2020
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.

Nautical Women Front Cover

By invitation of Pill Library and Children’s Centre

Crockerne House, Underbanks, Pill, BS20 0AT

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 @ 2pm

Author Rosemary Caldicott will be telling us about her book in which she investigated the intriguing histories of  nautical women. These include stories of cross-dressing women who went to sea to earn a living and the mad, tragic and often funny consequences they encountered and endured. Living in or near Bristol, we’re all quite familiar with images of sailing ships – but the focus is usually on the men who built or worked on them. Rosemary wants to bring to life a forgotten history – women sailors and the women of sailor towns.

For booking and more details see here.

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