The Eco-anarchism of Street Farm

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Date: , 2014
Time: to
Venue: The Hydra Bookshop, BS2 0EZ
Price: Free
With: Stephen E. Hunt
Series: Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2014
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Subjects: Environmental, Modern History (Post World War II), Radical Bristol
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Steve Hunt will launch his book about Street Farm, published by Tangent Books in April 2014

Street Farm were an anarchist collective that worked to green the counterculture during the 1970s. Peter Crump, Bruce Haggart, Graham Caine and their friends put together Street Farmer, an underground paper that, alongside mutating tower blocks, cosmic tractors and sprouting one-way signs, propagated ideas for the radical transformation of urban living which they called ‘revolutionary urbanism’.

Taking inspiration from Situationism and social ecology, Street Farm offered a powerful vision of green cities in the control of ordinary people. The collective took part in the squatters’ movement, reclaimed the streets more than 20 years before RTS actions in London and were exponents of liberatory technology. They became ‘rock ’n’ roll architects’, going on the road across Europe to promote their ideas with multimedia slideshow presentations to a soundtrack of music by the likes of John Lennon, Jefferson Airplane and Hawkwind.

In 1972 Graham hit national and international headlines when he designed and built the first ecological house, In 1974 he helped out in the Portuguese revolution by contributing his skills in alternative technology. And find out who the Bristol Gnomes were – you may already be familiar with their work…!

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