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Eveline lives in Amsterdam but has close connections with the West of England as a Research Fellow at the University of Bath for four years, monitoring the tobacco industry. She has been working as an independent investigator since the 1980s when she set up Buro Jansen and Janssen, monitoring police and intelligence agencies from an activist perspective. She was one of the founders of Spinwatch, exposing the PR of multinationals and their links with politics. In these capacities Eveline has become a major authority on corporate strategies and police undercover activities. She is the editor of Battling Big Business: Countering Greenwash, Front Groups and Other Forms of Corporate Bullying (Green Books, 2002).

In 2013, Eveline spoke at a BRHG meeting at Hydra Books about the research for her PhD that resulted in a book full of case studies: Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark: Corporate and Police Spying on Activists (Pluto, 2012).

She has since been involved in the Undercover Research Group.
For a fuller biography of Eveline Lubbers and links to her earlier writings and blog, go to: Secret Manoeuvres

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