Women’s Threads of Bristol

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Date: , 2023
Time: to
Location: Foyer Level 2
Venue: M Shed, BS1 4RN
Price: Free
With: Zoe Gibbons
Series: Bristol Radical History Festival 2023
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Subjects: Women
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‘Women’s Threads of Bristol’ aims to create a comprehensive visual illustration of places in Bristol that are named after women – roads, buildings, parks, blue plaques, murals – all are relevant. It encourages exploration of who these women were and what they did to earn recognition.

But, just as importantly, it asks people to suggest who they think should be on the map. Who were our female community champions? Which women dedicated their lives towards science, health, teaching, equalities, the arts?

Across history many women have been left off the map – it’s time to put them on!

‘Women’s Threads of Bristol’ project is supported by, and part of, Bristol Women’s Voice celebrations for International Women’s Day 2023.

The project is ongoing, nominations can be emailed to info@zoegibbons.com

At 2.20pm Zoe Gibbons will give a guided introduction to the exhibition.

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