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The Fight against Blacklisting

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Date: , 2013
With: Di Parkin
Series: Miscellaneous 2013
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Subjects: Blacklisting, Modern History (Post World War II), Workers Organisations & Strikes
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Di Parkin has been a left activist since the 1960s. She is a historian and published “60 years of struggle” history of Betteshanger, a militant Kent pit. She will be speaking about the actions on the Economic League in the 1970s, providing blacklisting information to employers and the impact on militants in places such as Cowley car works and Kent coal field.

An electrician who has worked in the construction industry for 40 years will talk about his experiences of victimisation and the campaign against blacklisting. He is an active member of Unite, shop steward on a number of jobs and the Welsh rep on the Rank and File National committee.

Followed by a discussion on how we can organise to prevent further victimisation and blacklisting.

Tony Benn House, 92 Victoria Street, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6AY

Organised by Bristol and District Hazards Group and Bristol Radical History Group

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