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‘Nautical Women and the Rum Do’

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Date: , 2019
Price: Free
With: Rosemary L Caldicott
Series: Miscellaneous 2019
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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Bristol Harbour Festival

Bristol Harbour Masters Office, Underfall Yard, Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6XG

By kind invitation of the Blue Schooner Company and introducing their ethical trading ship De Gallant. Rosemary Caldicott will talk about extraordinary women sailors in history taken from her recent BRHG book Nautical Women: Women sailors and the women of sailortowns: A forgotten diaspora c.1693 – 1902. Rosemary will be accompanied by the Rum Do Crew, traditional sea shanty singers, to entertain and uplift us all.

This musical and spoken word event will be followed by traditional quayside selling of ethically sourced cargo and book signing.

The Blue Schooner company ships producers goods using the power of the wind. They also provide environmentally friendly passage for climate change, oceanographers, marine biology scientists and general seadogs to sail on a non polluting ship for their missions.

Nautical Women Front Cover

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