Namibia: Genocide And The Second Reich

“The ghosts of the Namibian genocide have been reawakened. They return to haunt liberal post-war Germany, and in doing so they force Germany to wake-up to a very uncomfortable fact that the dark racial theories that helped inspire the Nazis run much deeper into German and European history than most people want to acknowledge.” The powerful documentary by David Olusoga (BBC) is the story of Germany’s forgotten genocide. It takes a sensitive and uncompromising look at the tragic circumstances that led to the massacre of three quarters of the Namibia population in concentration camps, and explores the current calls for land reforms; since most of Namibia’s commercial land is still owned by European farmers.

A leading BBC film producer David Olusoga has established his reputation with critical and insightful documentaries. He is a key figure in the BBC’s new generation of film producers and is committed to using film as a way of opening up our thinking about slavery and the slave trade.

Listen to this talk:

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