The Cube


Dove Street South


Phone Number

(0117) 907 4190


Cube Cinema

The Cube Microplex, for the past 19 years has played host to an astounding set of entertaining activities and is run by a crack group of voluntary artists-workers-enthusiasts. It once was a theatre, avant garde 70’s art centre and second run family cinema. It now occupies a place of it own making.

The Cube Cinema, founded in 1998, at 4 Kings Square, Kingsdown, Bristol, England, was originally a hand built theatre and DIY amateur dramatics are its life blood still. It’s run by a proper left field oddball crew, against the odds (and the bland), with a near continuous stream of films, events, activities and music pouring out of every nook and cranny. The Cube works hard at presenting cinema (35, 16, Super 8, Video and Digital), music (acoustic, electric and half amped), Burlesque in full 3D, discussions, secret and overt community groups and the full on ARTS.

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