Listen Up! How to do a successful oral history project

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Date: , 2024
Time: to
Location: Room B - Level 2
Venue: M Shed, BS1 4RN
Price: Free
With: Marcus Smith, Trish Mensah, Rosie Wild
Series: Bristol Radical History Festival
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Section: Events
Projects: Activists’ Memories
Subjects: History (Theory & Practice)
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The third in the series Activist Memories based on interviews with members of Bristol’s Older Peoples Forum

Oral history creates space for the voices of ordinary people and overlooked communities to make a contribution to the historical record. It creates new primary sources which, although always subjective, provide rich and compelling narratives. What’s more, oral history offers new and exciting interpretive opportunities, from embedded QR codes that make exhibitions speak via your smartphone to the ever growing history podcast market.

This panel discussion on the pleasures and pitfalls of oral history features practical advice from a variety of Bristol-based projects. BRHG’s Trish Mensah reflects on her whole life interviews with activists from the Bristol Older Peoples Forum; community historian Rosie Wild talks about trust and transparency when working with marginalised communities, and BCFM’s Marcus Smith, host of the award-winning 12 Communities One Bristol, oral history podcast series, talks about how to create an impressive impact.

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