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Who are you and what on Earth are you doing?

We are members of the Blew Regiment which in turn is part of the Parliament Army of the Sealed Knot, a society of several thousand members which re-enacts battles of the English Civil War.

Where are you from?

We have members from the north of England, Devon, Bristol, Essex, Kent and even the Channel Islands as well as all points in-between.

When and where does it happen?

As a rough guide battles and events are held on a number of weekends from Easter to September. Our Regiment will usually attend around eight events a year on average but you can do as few or as many as you choose. Events take place all over the UK, there are even some held abroad in conjunction with European re-enactment societies. Most however are within reasonable travelling distance.

Who does it?

Difficult to answer, we have members of all ages and professions; the social mix is very wide and works brilliantly. One of the real strengths of the hobby is the friendships made with people you might otherwise never meet. There is also no one category of age or family circumstances as we have many single members (male and female), couples and families! The one great change our Regiment has seen over the last few years is a marked growth in the number of families who have membership.

What else happens?

The campsites normally have a member’s only beer tent often with a live band. The Regiment also socialises as a group.there’s lots to do; it’s better to try it rather than read this!

Is it all battles?

NO! we have banquets, parties, BBQ’s, black tie dinners, and social get togethers such as “the party in the park” throughout the year.

How much does the equipment and clothing cost?

You won’t need any equipment or clothing for your 1st few events as we’ll loan you what you need. The cost of kit is variable but you can get kitted out for far less than the cost of a set of golf clubs!

Do I need to know a lot of history?

No! Lots of members do have an active interest but it’s far from essential. It’s probably more important to be sociable.

How do I find out more?

Contact Steve Rabbitts.
On 01375 405378 or e mail at

No salesman will call!

However you just might end up with a great hobby.

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