Cholera reached Bristol on the 11 July 1832.

The London Quarterly Review described the new disease sweeping the world in November 1831:

‘It has mastered every variety of climate, surmounted every natural barrier, conquered every people.’

This disease had been prevalent in the Indian sub-continent for centuries, thriving in crowded and impoverished conditions.

The disease caused severe diarrhoea, dehydration, collapse and often death. However, on 12 July 1832, the newspapers reported that they had no reason to fear that cholera had arrived in earnest. Medical and political intervention was variable and inadequate.

What was the impact of cholera in Bristol? In this talk we will explore the consequences for public health in the city and the role the Floating Harbour played in the spread of the disease.

Note: This talk is part of M Shed’s 10th anniversary programme and requires booking here.

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