Miscellaneous 2021

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, 2021 Support the Colston 4 – Film Screenings On the day of the first scheduled court appearance of the Colston 4, there will be a online film screening and conversations to provide a context for that event. January 25th, 2021 will see four […] Rob Mitchell,
Lawrence Hoo,
Michael Jenkins,
Cleo Lake
, 2021

Webinar – Pamphlet Launch – State Snooping: Spooks, Cops and Double Agents   “State snooping has increased, is increasing and ought to be decreased.” So argue Colin Thomas and Tim Beasley in the fifty-first pamphlet produced by the Bristol Radical History Group. It […] Colin Thomas,
Eveline Lubbers
, 2021

Bristol docks and cholera Cholera reached Bristol on the 11 July 1832. The London Quarterly Review described the new disease sweeping the world in November 1831: ‘It has mastered every variety of climate, surmounted every […] Rosemary L Caldicott
, 2021

Bristol dockers strike of 1949 in support of Canadian Seaman The 1949 Docks Strike involving Bristol dockers was notable as an international solidarity action in support of strike action by the Canadian Seamen’s Union. Canadian employers had used ‘scab crews’ […] Di Parkin
, 2021

Class war in 1892: Bristol dockers and Black Friday The success of strikes in 1889 by Bristol dock workers over pay and conditions led to a massive rise in membership of the newly formed dockers unions. In the autumn of 1892 timber merchants based on […] Roger Ball

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