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International Women’s Day

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Date: , 2023
Time: to
Venue: City Hall, BS1 5TR
Price: Free
With: Rosemary L Caldicott
Series: Miscellaneous 2023
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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Projects: Abolition Shed
Subjects: Slavery & Resistance, Women
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A day of events featuring history talks from two Bristol Radical History Group members. In the Lord Mayor’s Reception Room:

13:30–14:15 Ann Yearsley: Milkmaid & Poet

Sennen Cork leads an introduction to the life and works of Ann Yearsley, the 18th century milkmaid and poet. An early abolitionist, Ann is known for her controversial and contentious working relationship with Hannah More.

14:30–15:15 Nautical Women

Author of Nautical Women: women sailors and the women of sailortowns: A forgotten diaspora c.1693 – 1902, Rosemary Caldicott explores the stories of women whose lives were inextricably linked to the sea. She tells of the women of sailor towns struggling to keep out of the workhouse; and of the courageous cross-dressing women sailors who went to extraordinary lengths to hide their gender.

For full details of all the events see the programme for the whole day.

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