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Tremors of Discontent: A Life In Print

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With: Mike Richardson
Series: Miscellaneous 2023
Note: This event was not organised by BRHG.
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Tremors of Discontent Front cover showing Mike Richardson speaking into a microphone

The Nissen Hut, Eastville Park, Bristol, BS5 6QL

Author and historian Mike Richardson on his recently published book, “Tremors of Discontent: My Life in Print 1970-1988″. Mike worked for DRG Flexible Packaging In Filwood Road between 1970-1986, and his talk covers his experiences as a shop steward at a time of much industrial unrest at the company.

This talk organised by the The People’s University of Fishponds.

Booking details here.


  1. Just received a copy of “Tremors” – looks fascinating. My dad worked for RWP FP in Fishponds from 1947 retiring in 1982 (Fred Hamlin). I was born in Bristol 1949, moving to Fishponds in 1956 and had a similar but different radicalisation in the 60s/70s.

  2. Is my memory correct? Were there two Hamlin’s (brothers) that worked for RWP FP. I think one of them was a foreman/supervisor.

  3. You are right, Fred Hamlin (my father) worked for RWP FP and was a shift supervisor for a while. Bill, his older brother, worked across the road at the cardboard box factory. I did a few summer jobs there (in the lab) as a student in 1969, 70 and 71. Excellent memoir, I learnt a lot and some of the names you mention resonated with me. I moved to Nottingham in 68 and was involved with the International Group (later IMG) at the Uni. Best wishes.

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