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Trade Unions Then – Tramways 1901 and Print 1985-86

Bristol Radical History Festival 2023 poster, featuring a Walter Crane print
The Bristol Tramways Lock-Out, 1901 - Rob Whitfield In the summer of 1901 the Bristol Tramways Company sacked 90 employees who had recently joined the Gasworkers’ and General Labourers’ Union. Another 300 tramways employees went on strike in support of their dismissed fellow workers. This action by the Tramways Company was a direct challenge to the trade union movement in Bristol and beyond, and the wider labour movement rallied in support of the tramwaymen. The company threw all the resources […]

Tremors of Discontent: A Life In Print

transparent fiddle Not A BRHG Event
The Nissen Hut, Eastville Park, Bristol, BS5 6QL Author and historian Mike Richardson on his recently published book, “Tremors of Discontent: My Life in Print 1970-1988". Mike worked for DRG Flexible Packaging In Filwood Road between 1970-1986, and his talk covers his experiences as a shop steward at a time of much industrial unrest at the company. This talk organised by the The People's University of Fishponds. Booking details here.

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