The programme of events for Bristol Radical History Group’s The 1970s – Life Before Thatcher has been released.

From Dagenham to Grunwick, Glam to Punk and Wilson to Thatcher.

Talks, films and music, 13 free events between Sunday 14th November and Tuesday 7th December 2010.

  • “Make Them Grovel”: The 1976 West Indies Cricket Tour
  • From The Ford Workers’ Group to Made In Dagenham
  • The Asian Youth Movement
  • Grunwick: The End Of An Era?
  • Spies, Lies And The Coup: State Repression In The 70s
  • Cry Freedom Concert
  • How We Won: Strikes In The 70s
  • Glam-Punk Disco Inferno
  • The Anti-Vietnam War Movement
  • Punk And The Pistols
  • From Recruitment To Dialogue: How Does The Radical Left Relate To Workers?
  • Italy In The 1970s: Bodies In The Street, A Tale Of A Country Like Ours
  • “Can’t Do Nothin’ If You Ain’t Bad”‘: The League Of Revolutionary Black Workers

The 1970s

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