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Down With The Fences

The 1970s
Life Before Thatcher

Sunday 14th November – Tuesday 7th December 2010

Down With The Fences


Date Time Title Details Venue
Sun. 14th Nov. 7:30pm "Make Them Grovel": The 1976 West Indies Cricket Tour A talk and a film. Bristol Wet Indies
Tue. 16th Nov. 7:30pm From The Ford Workers’ Group to Made In Dagenham

Carlos Guarita - founder member of the FWG
Brian Ashton - Halewood shop steward.

The Hatchet
Wed. 17th Nov. 7:00pm The Asian Youth Movement Anandi Ramamurthy - Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies, Uni. of Central Lancashire. Easton Community Centre
Mon. 22nd Nov. 7:30pm Grunwick: The End Of An Era? Chris Thomas - Film director introduces 2 film. Hamilton House
Tue. 23rd Nov. 7:30pm Spies, Lies And The Coup:
State Repression In The 70s
Larry O’Hara - Larry O’Hara a look at the tactics and strategies of the secret state. The Hatchet
Thu. 25th Nov. 8:00pm Cry Freedom Concert A concert celebrating St. Wulfstan, Thomas Clarkson and the Seven Stars Pub. St. Thomas
Sat. 27th Nov. 2:00pm

How We Won:
Strikes In The 70s

Dave Douglas - Pitman and NUM member.
Mike Richardson - Print worker from bristol.
Hamilton House
Sat. 27th Nov. 8:00pm Glam-Punk Disco Inferno 70s music with sets from DJ Pretty Boy and DJ Dabble. The Plough
Mon. 29th Nov. 7:30pm The Anti-Vietnam War Movement Mike Levine - Eyewitness account of the student revolt.
Roger - Resistance to the war amongst the U.S. armed forces.
The Hatchet
7:30pm Punk And The Pistols Paul Tickell - Introducing his film about Punk. Hamilton House
4:00pm From Recruitment To Dialogue:
How Does The Radical Left Relate To Workers?
Sheila Cohen - Trade unionist actavist and academic.
Marco - London Commune Group
Hamilton House
1:00pm Italy In The 1970s:
Bodies In The Street, A Tale Of A Country Like Ours
Marco - The effect of ‘Autonomia’ on the German Workers movement in the 1970s.
Keiron Farrow - Italian radicalism.
Hamilton House
7:30pm "Can't Do Nothin' If You Ain't Bad"': The League Of Revolutionary Black Workers Keiron Farrow - With the film League Finally Got the News. Hamilton House

Hamilton House - 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY.
The Hatchet - (upstairs), 27 Frogmore St., BS1 5NA.
Bristol West Indies Cricket Club - Rose Green Centre, 65 Gordon Road, Whitehall, BS5 7DR.
St. Thomas the Martyr - St. Thomas Street, Redcliffe, BS1 6QR.
Easton Community Centre - Kilburn Street, Easton, BS5 6AW.
The Plough - 223 Easton Road, Easton, BS5 0EG.

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