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Painted out of History – Ellen and Rolinda Sharples

Hazel Gower in conversation with Leigh Thomas

Bristol Radical History Festival 2023 poster, featuring a Walter Crane print
Mother and daughter artists Ellen and Rolinda Sharples lived through turbulent times on both sides of the Atlantic during the Georgian era. For a woman to become a professional artist was a radical act, for a blacksmith’s daughter like Ellen it is unique in the history of art. They sailed from Bristol to America, part of a wave of emigrants seeking opportunity in the Land of the Free. Ellen survived capture at sea and painted some of the most significant people of the time including the first […]

Mining Labour Wars

The Pennsylvania Coal Company and Organized Crime in the Anthracite Coalfields of Pennsylvania

miscellaneous events 2019
Based on his co-authored book, Anthracite Labor Wars, Prof. Bob Wolensky will speak about a 40-year "labour war" that resulted from the mining arrangements between the Pennsylvania Coal Company and a gang of organized criminals. Beginning in 1916, the company decided to subcontract and, later, to lease mineral rights to the mobsters in an effort to discipline the labour force, enhance productivity, and boost profits. Statistics indicated that the scheme worked quite well when it came to […]

‘The Lion of the Occasion’: Frederick Douglass in Bristol

miscellaneous 2018 poster
In the summer of 1846 the famous American abolitionist Frederick Douglass took to the stage of the Victoria Rooms in Bristol, enthralling his thousands-strong audience with vivid denunciations of slavery. He was feted by the mayor and received great support from the people of the city, maintaining friendships with many of those he met for the rest of his life. Douglass biographer Laurence Fenton will discuss the background to and details of the great abolitionist's visit to Bristol in a talk at […]

History Our Weapon

Over 650 scanned pages of hard to find speeches, articles, pamphlets, etc about a range of resistance in US history. Here's a small sample: A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn (the whole goddamn thing) The War Prayer by Mark Twain Strike Against War by Helen Keller George Jackson: Black Revolutionary By Walter Rodney Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies by Bartoleme de Las Casas Eugene Debs' Statement to the Court Upon Being Convicted of Violating the Sedition Act […]

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