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History Walk: Riots, Massacres and Reform 1700s-1832

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With: Roger Ball
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This 1.5 hour walk in the centre of Bristol takes us through a century of working class history, charting the path of the ‘crowd’ from the ‘moral economy’ of the 1700s, through the effects of the French Revolution to the Reform riots of 1831/2.

So come and find out:

  • Why Bristol merchants trembled if the Kingswood Colliers were in town
  • How best to do ‘collective bargaining by riot’
  • What happened during the infamous Bristol Bridge massacre
  • What a silver coin, some stolen hammers and a tricolour have to do with getting the vote
  • How to gate crash a political rally Bristol style

Starting at 6.00pm at the mural next to the PRSC shop at 35 Jamaica St, off Stokes Croft (BS2 8JP) and ending by the Arnolfini on Narrow Quay.

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