History Walk 1: Edward Colston

Why is our city dominated by this man’s legacy?

Event Details
Date: , 2017
Time: to
Venue: M Shed, BS1 4RN
Price: Free
With: Mark Steeds, Christine Townsend, Ros Martin
Series: Bristol Radical History Festival at M Shed
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Starting with St Mary Redcliffe church, this walk takes in other historic Diocese of Bristol churches in the city centre where ‘the life and work’ of Edward Colston is still provided religious legitimacy on an annual basis. Along the way we will share the most recent historical research regarding this man’s involvement with the transatlantic slave trade and discover how the Victorian elite created a ‘cult of Colston’ that is now said to form part of our city’s ‘identity’. At our final stop, Bristol Cathedral, we discuss how the institutions of the Church of England and the Merchant Venturers collide within the education of our children to promote Colston as a Parable of the Good Samaritan.

M Shed 11.30am (meet)
St Mary Redcliffe 11.45am (walk start)
Bristol Cathedral (walk end) approx. 1.30pm


    Saturday, 14 October, 2017 –
    11:30 to 13:30
    St Mary Redcliffe, Phoenix Wharf, Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6SR
    Organised/hosted by:
    Bristol Radical History Group

    I turned up at MShed for this walk today and looked around for the group from 11:20 for half an hour then went to SMR and later the cathedral. However, I could find no-one. Was the walk on? I was very disappointed to miss it.

    • There were two Colston walks, one on 17th September and the other on 14th October. I think you got the first confused with the second, as the meeting point for the walk on the 14th was St Mary Redcliffe caves (not MSHED). Sorry about that. But we will be running this walk again soon.

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