Directed by Anthony Howard, 1989, 60min

A rare chance to watch part 2 of the Channel 4 documentary series on the Greek Civil War of 1946-49 made in 1986; we screened part 1 in 2018. This documentary explores how the clash between British and US interests in Greece and the left-wing Greek Resistance against the Nazi occupation led to Civil War – and Greece becoming the first battleground of the Cold War.

The liberation of Athens in 1944 was followed by a period of extreme right-wing terror against anyone suspected of having been in the war-time resistance. The mass arrests, trials, imprisonment and executions culminated in the outbreak of civil war. Following defeat by the US backed Greek government troops, thousands of former resistance partisans fled into exile in 1949 and waited more than 30 for the Amnesty that allowed them to return home. They tell their story for the first time alongside British protagonists. The British Establishment was furious when the documentary series was broadcast and prevented it being shown again.

Presented by the Bristol Radical History Group, the screening will be introduced by Jane Gabriel, the producer of the “Greece: The Hidden War” series, and she and Greek experts will be available for a q and a at the end of the screening.

Advance tickets available from ticketsouce.


Greek Civil War 1946-49

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