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Sir! No Sir!

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Date: , 2009
Venue: The Cube, BS2 8JD
Price: £3/4
With: Roger Ball
Series: Miscellaneous 2009
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Section: Events
Subjects: Activism, Modern History (Post World War II)
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Roger introduces the film Sir! No Sir! shown by Bristol Indymedia at the Cube Cinema Bristol.

The talk discusses the ways in which the Vietnam War was resisted internally and the impact that has had since on warfare in general.http://www.sirnosir.com/ link to the films website.Bristol Radical History Group: https://www.brh.org.uk/Since 2006 Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) have organised a bewildering range of history events; staging walks, talks, gigs, reconstructions, films, exhibitions, trips through the archives and fireside story telling. We also publish a range of pamphlets and host an archive on this website.Bristol Indymedia: http://bristol.indymedia.org/Bristol Indymedia is a volunteer-run open-access news website composed of the news, views, images and videos of its readers/contributors. It is part of the global Indymedia movement, a project focused on grassroots non-commercial news written by ordinary people.

This event was organised in conjuction with Bristol Indymedia.
Watch this talk:

If you see this text the video has failed to play. Please let us know by emailing brh@brh.org.uk.

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