“As old as the pyramids” – is blacklisting still with us?

Phil Chamberlain

A former member of the Economic League told MPs that blacklisting was as “old as the pyramids”. That organisation was shut down in the mid 1990s and its successor, The Consulting Association, in 2009. Where might we see their handiwork today? Journalist and co-author of Blacklisted: The Secret War Between Big Business and Union Activists Phil Chamberlain will use a contemporary case study to explore how corporate surveillance of union activists continues.

I Don’t Want to Work In Libya!

Andrew Wilkes

Andrew Wilkes, an electrician, was a shop steward on various construction sites most notably the Wales Millennium Stadium in Cardiff where he represented up to 400 electricians. Andrew will give first-hand accounts of recent blacklisting practices employed by corporations involved in construction and the effects on its victims. As one of his blacklisted colleagues was once told “if you can’t get work in U.K. there is plenty of work for sparks in Libya”.

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